Interesting Links
A resource for the fitness enthusiast. Contains exercise instructions and images, diagrams of muscle groups, diet and nutrition articles, and a variety of books and videos
Knowledge Center section with hundreds of articles on nutrition, sports, health issues and much more. Store contains equipment, books, video's etc.
The Keiser Institute on Aging is dedicated to enhancing older adult wellness. Contains in depth Research Articles on all aspects of older adult fitness
The resources center contains short articles answering some of the most widely asked questions In health and fitness today.
A helpful site with tips and diagrams for getting relief from pain
This site is all about managing back and neck pain. Exercises, stretches, illustrations, etc.
Here you will find information on the Glycemic Index of foods, latest GI data, GI books, GI testing services and information on the GI symbol program
Website for The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Booklets, brochures, fact sheets on all the joints.
This website is designed for Runners. All the information you need about training, stretching, injuries, etc.
This is the Health Canada website. Health Canada is the federal department responsible for helping the people of Canada maintain and improve their health. This site includes Canada's Food Guide, and many resources for promoting a healthy lifestyle.
This health site contains over 650 topics on conditions, diseases and wellness.
This site is designed specifically for Outdoor Sport Strength and Conditioning. Contains articles, photo's, and training techniques for outdoor sports.
Health care for everybody. Topics include heart health, healthy eating, disease ;prevention, etc.
This site contains hundreds of health care links in British Columbia