Fitness Programs

Personal Fitness Training Sessions

How many Fitness Training sessions will you need? This will depend on what you are trying to achieve, what goals you have set for yourself, and your current Health & Fitness Training ability.

Clients train 2 or 3 x/week or as little as once every 6 weeks for a new program.  A regular appointment with your Personal Trainer keeps your programs fresh and efficient with continued results.

You will be constantly monitored by your Personal Fitness Trainer to ensure safe, effective conditioning. Health & Fitness Training requires attention to coordination, balance, and correct posture which relates to freedom from muscle pain and promotes increased vitality.

You can decide how to fit us in based on your goals, budget and lifestyle.


Fitness Training Fee's & Packages

Partner training

Fitness Assessment - This 90 minute, pre-exercise Health & Fitness assessment provides the foundation for an effective Fitness Training program. It will identify Joint Injury, Muscular Imbalances, Health and Posture Limitations, as well as Joint & Muscle weakness which can affect your Health & Fitness Training ability. A Personal Fitness Training Program is developed based on the findings of this assessment & your current goals.

Fitness Assessment: $100.00

Fitness Training - These 60 minute Health & Fitness Training sessions will teach you proper form and technique and include a cardio warmup, resistance training and stretching, and ensure that all Fitness Training exercises are carried out safely.
Per Session: $70.00
12 Sessions: $65.00
24 Sessions: $60.00
36 Sessions: $57.00


Partner Fitness Training- 60 minute Fitness Training sessions designed with "two in mind". An economical way for you and your partner to work with a Personal Fitness Trainer, improve your Health & Fitness Training, motivate & encourage each other, and have fun!
Per Session: $86.00   ($43.00 each) 
12 Sessions: $82.00   ($41.00 each) 
24 Sessions: $80.00   ($40.00 each)
36 Sessions: $78.00   ($39.00 each)   


Partner KickboxingRelieve your frustration and vent your aggression as you punch, kick, bob and weave your way into great shape. The use of focus pads & free standing bags provides an excellent form or resistance training that builds lean muscle & increases bone density.

These 6 sessions are 30 minutes each and run once per week.

Based on 2 people in the class.

Kickboxing Class:

$20.00 per person

30 Minute Sessions - 30 minute Fitness Training sessions for an express workout. Get the most from your workout time with this 30 minute session.

Per Session: $40.00  
12 Sessions: $38.00  
24 Sessions: $36.00   
36 Sessions: $34.00   


Prices are subject to change and based on sessions being held in our Ladner location. Taxes and fees additional.
*Free takeaway program with bi-weekly sessions.