Personal Fitness Training Programs

RC Training provides an individualized approach to fitness through our personal training programs to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our trainers will keep you motivated while working out, losing weight, strengthening and having fun.

A common client question is the number of suggested personal training sessions to achieve the physical results the client desires.

The number of required sessions is determined by your individual fitness goals and your current level of physical fitness. Our clients typically train 2 or 3 times per week, but some individuals prefer monthly sessions when beginning a personal training plan. A regular appointment with your personal trainer is recommended to ensure continued physical fitness and progress towards your goals. You will be constantly monitored by your trainer during sessions to ensure your workouts are both safe and effective. Health and fitness training incorporates coordination, balance, and correct posture which leads to freedom from muscle pain and promotes overall health.

Start your fitness journey with RC Training based on your personal goals, budget and lifestyle today.

Weight Loss

Regular aerobic activity is an integral part of health and well-being. Aerobic training burns calories and strengthens your heart. At RC Personal Training, we target your workout to keep your heart rate within your ideal “fat burning zone” to increase energy and decrease your stress levels. This program ensures significant gains towards your weight loss efforts-

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Strength Training

The benefits of strength training include increased muscle mass, stable joints and a toned body. Your complete personal fitness program involves resistance and strength training which increase muscle mass and burn calories. RC Personal Training will develop a custom training program to maximize your strength, endurance and overall level of physical fitness.

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Stretching results in longer and leaner muscles and is essential to lifelong mobility. As we age, our joints can stiffen and our posture can deteriorate because of muscular imbalances. Stiff, inflexible muscles are more injury prone than regularly stretched muscles which are more flexible and provide better balance. At our facility, we will always include a flexibility component and dedicate a portion of time to stretching your body as part of your personal training sessions.

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Kickboxing sessions are a highly effective method of cross-training. This high energy cardio routine gives your body and mind a lift while increasing your energy levels. Kickboxing workouts combine martial arts techniques, self-defence skills and hand-eye coordination. Heart pumping-cardio rounds out the session for a total body workout that will transform your body in no time.

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Fitness Assessment

Before beginning a personal fitness program a trainer will conduct an assessment of your overall physical fitness and health goals. A 90 minute pre-exercise assessment becomes the foundation for your future programs. We will identify your current fitness levels, limitations and weaknesses as well as return back to this assessment to gauge your progress.

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