Strength Training

RC Programs - Strength Training

Strength and resistance training is essential for every client’s health and fitness training. Strength training puts a monitored, helpful stress on bones and encourages new bone growth.

Your personal trainer will help you strengthen your back and abdominal muscles (your “core”), in perfect posture using correct form. Strengthening your core will alleviate pain in your back and neck caused by slouching. A strong core will prevent injury, improve muscular imbalances and progress your fitness training safely. A strong core allows you to be more more confident, comfortable and happy.

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Safe and effective resistance training requires a high degree of precision and understanding, this is why working with a Personal Fitness Trainer is important. You will build and tone muscles which will keep joints and tendons more flexible.

Adding a resistance program to your fitness routine also builds strength, sculpts the body, strengthens bones, improves performance, and dramatically affects fat loss efforts.

Strength and Resistance Program Rates