Why a Personal Trainer?

Fitness Training Programs

Regina Challoner, your Detla Personal Fitness Trainer, will provide you with individualized, friendly service through uniquely designed exercise and nutrition programs. 

Your specialized Health & Fitness Training Program is tailored to fit your personal needs, physically and nutritionally. Specializing in Seniors Fitness, Post-Injury Rehabilitation, Chronic Pain disorders, Sport specific conditioning, Kickboxing and Prenatal and Postnatal fitness.


At our facility, your Personal Trainer will dedicate considerable time to stretching your body. Your Health & Fitness Training program will always include a flexibility component. Stretching results in longer, leaner muscles.  As we age our joints stiffen and our posture suffers due to Muscular Imbalances. Stiff, inflexible muscles are prone to Injury, and Joint Injury requires Rehabilitation.  Flexible muscles allow for better balance, and lubricated joints help prevent injury to your ankles, shoulders, elbows, knees, and hips.





BCRPA - British Columbia Recreation & Parks AssociationRegina is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with the BCRPA.


Weight Loss
Regular aerobic activity is essential to a Health & Fitness Training Program. Aerobic training helps you burn calories and strengthens your heart muscle. RC Personal Training, your Delta Personal Trainer will ensure you work out in your correct “fat burning zone”, thereby increasing your energy and decreasing your stress levels. With an aerobic Fitness Training Program you will make significant gains in your weight loss efforts.


Strength Training
The benefits of Fitness Training with resistance include improved strength and a toned, firm body. A Fitness Training Program involves resistance/strength training which increases muscle mass and burns calories. RC Personal Training will develop a program to maximize your strength  and Fitness Training ability.



RC Personal Training is now offering Kickboxing sessions, the perfect cross-training workout.

Kickboxing is a high energy cardio routine that will give your body and mind a boost, and will increase your energy levels.

Kickboxing workouts combine martial arts techniques with heart pumping-cardio, which means you can get a total body workout and whip yourself into shape in no time.


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